Pendulum playground

Pendulum Playground

Different artforms interlaced

Johan Wellton’s creation Pendulum Playground is a new type of platform where various artforms such as object manipulation, aerial acrobatics, dance, music and storytelling are merged into one live experience.

A world of lightbulbs

Lightbulbs are set into motion in visual formations. The artists are swept into the air and become part of the patterns. Music and sound merges with the movements of the pendulums and become one with the experience.  Lighting, scenery and apparatus also blend together in Johan’s pendulum world.

A new story is taking form

A wordless story about us, our existence and how we relate to each other and everything.

The sound of the lightbulbs shape suggestive landscapes. What we hear leads us into a visual world where the hypnotic story unfolds.

Johan Wellton’s next piece is being created step by step. A strong total experience springs out of an array of scenes and imageries that together gives the clues of the bigger picture.

Technical upgrade

During 2023 the Pendulum Playground construction was rebuilt from its core.

Innovative technical solutions opens up for new and efficient tours. The construction is now assembled and rigged in less than 4 hours.

The lighting has been replaced with new and energy efficient technology that gives great design possibilities for coming performances.

The technical platform has also been further developed alongside Johan’s ideas around weaving various artforms together.

The pendulums generate music

Pendulum Playground is being transformed into a gigantic musical instrument in a collaboration with composer, musician and instrument builder Per Moneeo.

Sound and music is merged seamlessly with the movements of the pendulums and create audiovisual sceneries. What we see is what we hear and vice versa. The impressions blend into one.

A gigantic Pendulum wave

The laws of physics plays a big role in Pendulum Playground. The world’s first stage version of the physical pendulum wave phenomenon in large scale format give the light bulbs a life of their own that is hard to describe in words, and calls for being experienced up close live.

Lab sessions

Johan opens the doors to his Pendulum world and invites other artists to create cross-over art.

Johan is looking for artists within digital music, aerial dance, object manipulation and more for new collaborations.

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A dream becomes reality

Johan Wellton created Pendulum Playground during the years 2009-2014. Together with his team he gave life to his vision, step by step from the drawing board to the final construction.

Pendulum Playground was developed with support from Kulturbryggan, Innovativ Kultur, Konstnärsnämnden and many more.

GLITCH - a first step

Pendulum Playground was originally presented 2014 as a part of Johan’s theatrical experience  GLITCH and has toured theatres and concert halls since then. 

Creator & Artistic director

Johan Wellton is the creator, producer and artistic director of Pendulum Playground.

Johans other artistic projects is among other the performances GLITCH, UNPLUGGED and BOUNCE. Examples of earlier shows are Varieté Royale och Fraktgods

Additional to his own productions Johan also coaches and directs other artists. He also writes and creates material for performances and shows.


Johan Wellton is looking for production- and tour management for Pendulum Playground, GLITCH and his coming creation.

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