Short acts to full length shows: Bigger production shows for theaters and concert halls, flexible shows for festivals, galas etc and original acts for Circus, Variety and TV. Johan Wellton creates, produces and performs his acts worldwide.

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100tricks2A comedy act created 2011 in cooperation with Wallmans OSLO for the dinnershow WOW!
Length: 10 minutes – Idea and creation: Johan Wellton – Premiere: 2011

100 tricks in one minute is a development from Johan’s “Catastrophe act” he created for his Variety production Variety Royale 2008. In “100 tricks” everything goes wrong and ends in total mayhem.

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GLITCH poster 2015A performance about living life in full. For theatre touring. Age limit: 13 yrs, under 15 accompanied by an adult.
Length: 1 h 20 minutes – Premiere: September 2014 – Director: Stephen Rappaport

“It is totally sensational, mind blowing”
– Expressen

“Spellbinding chaos in Wellton’s wild show”
– Hallandsposten

This is Johan Welltons most advanced and lavish production ever. With special effects, natural phenomenon and the art of engineering he shoots out for a new and unexplored adventure. All inventiveness and experimental curiosity becomes the framework for a story about our dreams, hope and despair. How far are we willing to go to become loved? To understand ourselves? To find context and a meaning in life?

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A soloshow for festivals, theaters, galashows and… anywhere really.
Length: Flexible from 20 to 70 minutes. – Idea/creation: Johan Wellton – Premiere: 2005

A dynamic fast moving show where Johan Wellton takes centre stage with a mixture of high voltage circus skills and witty comedy, all delivered with a twinkle in his eye. A steamroller show that gets straight to the point leaving the audience grasping for air and their jaws on the floor – Over and over again!

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varietegatanVariety Street is the world’s most spectacular street performers on tour together. Se shows unlike anything you have seen before and experience performers you will remember!

Johan Wellton has taken this concept on tour every Summer since 2002, and Göteborgs kulturkalas has become it’s home base where we perform every August since 2008.

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bounceJohan Wellton’s original act for Circus, Variety and TV etc.
Length: 5/10/20 minutes – Idea/creation: Johan Wellton – Premiere: 2001 (Its current form: 2008)

BOUNCE! is Johan Wellton’s award winning flagship (Silver in Budapest, Bronze in China etc) when it comes to circus acts.

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symphonyA co production with Gävle symfoniorkester
Length: 1 hour – Idea and direction: Johan Wellton – Conductor: Per-Otto Johansson – Performed 2007 in Gasklockan, Gävle

“And it is good. Really good. The circus genius and the Symphony orchestra can work together without anyone having to compromise. Thank you!”

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Variete_RoyaleA Variety show presenting: Johan Wellton, John Houdi, Marilen Ribot, Jan Unestam & Henna Kaikula
Length: 2 hours with intermission – Idea and direction: Johan Wellton and the artists – Played on tour in Sweden 2008.

Varieté Royale is a modern Variety show in an exclusive package, and offers a grand spectacular full of uncompromised sensations. Johan Wellton headlines his production with a personal mix of comedy and super juggling.

“The premiere audience at he irresistebly beautiful Gävle teater was at times close to vaporized from laughter and dazzlement”
Dagens nyheter

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jwandfriends2A Variety show with: Johan Wellton, Mattias Jönsson, Erik Nilson, Petter Berndalen, Daniel Antonssen, Henrik Agger, Louise Bjurholm, Charlie Caper, Tobias Törnell, Patrik Elmnert, Annelie Holmberg och Andreas Lindström.
Length: 1 hour and 30 minutes – Idea and direction: Johan Wellton and the group – Played 2006 at Gävle teater

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DSC07330 300 on the looseA performance about living life in full. For theatre touring. Age limit: 13 yrs, under 15 accompanied by an adult.
Length: 1 hour – Premiere: September 2015 – Director: Stephen Rappaport

This is the little sister of Johan Wellton’s big show GLITCH. Slimmed down and slightly shortened to fit smaller theaters and stages. Same story, but without the heaviest technicalities.

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A soloshow production created and performed by Johan Wellton
Length: 1 hour 15 minutes – Direction: Morgan Alling – Premiere: 2002

Street show, Circus artistry and theatre effects: The best of three worlds creates an experience without borders and makes FRAKTGODS a soloshow in the bigger format.

”FRAKTGODS IS BLASTING THE BORDERS: Yes, Johan Wellton is blasting the boundaries until the boards are creaking. His show “Fraktgods” is a peculiar mixture of street smartness  and immediate audience contact on one hand, and a very special poetic tone on the other.  It is classic circus artistry on one side and modern body language on the other.”
– Arbetarbladet

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