ON THE LOOSE - Booking information

Length: 1 hour
Created and performed by: Johan Wellton
Directed by: Stephen Rappaport

Basic requirements

Stage measurements:
Total (free) floor space: 8 meters width x 8 meters depth
Minimum width of stage opening/proscenium: 8 meters width x 5 meters height
Height: 5 meters
The whole area must be empty space and the height must be free too.

Rigging and striking:
7 hours rigging
2 hours striking

Sound, Lighting and backdrops:
A PA suitable for the size of the room supplied by the theatre
Digital and programmable lighting console supplied by the theatre
Front, side and back lights and two effect lights supplied by the theatre
We bring floor lights and need 4 dimmer channels
Backdrops and other masking supplied by the theatre

Personnel from the theatre:
1 person for load in and out, rigging. Technical in-house on location.
1 light technician (for programming)
1 sound technician

Personnel from us:
2 persons: Johan Wellton + 1 technician

230 volt on stage

Pyrotechnics, fire and smoke is being used in the show.

We supply photos, text, digital material and printed posters and flyer
The theatre is responsible for the marketing.

Wolfgang Hoffman
International bookings of GLITCH
Tel: + 49 (0)30 2844 577 28

Contact us at teknik@johanwellton.com for technical rider and other practical inquiries.

Press photos:

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