New year – new arm: Wrist upgrade

handled-Glitch-6068The ligaments in Johan’s wrist are worn or maybe torn off (The Doctor knows about this better than us luckily…). It is a so called TFCC injury that must be operated. The injury happened last spring and after close to a hundred shows with a “loose” wrist it is no longer enough with being stubborn and positive. That is why the touring will be put on hold for a while.

The surgery will be performed at Hand & foot Surgery center in Stockholm on February 3rd. The plan is 5-6 weeks with a cast, appr 2-3 months of “normal” rehab and then a couple of months training to get back in shape around Summer/Autumn 2016.

TFCC is a pretty classic wrist injury; read more here. 

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Now we log out for a looooong coffee break. Have a great day!