JW UNPLUGGED - Booking information

Length: 20 – 70 minutes (Different versions, adjustable)
Created and performed by: Johan Wellton

Basic requirements

Stage measurements:
Width 7 meters
Depth 6 meters
Height 6 meters (Free height)
These measurements are the normal size. Absolute minimum is 5x4x5 m.
The whole area must be empty space and the height must be free too.

Stage floor:
The floor must be hard, stable, even and clean.

Rigging time:
Ca: 2 hours

Sound and light:
Sound and light is being used. Depending on the type of event this could be arranged either by us, or by the organizer. (Please note that the rigging time might become longer)

Contact us at info@johanwellton.com for complete information and price, specifically for your type of event.

High resolution press photos: (Right click to download. Contact us for photo credentials)