Pendulum Play – lab sessions 2023

So nice to have some fresh input to my Pendulum Playground! It has been a long term goal and vision all the way back since GLITCH to open up the space to other artists interpretation and share and build new ideas!

Initiating dialogue with Siânna Bruce about our different perspectives – Artistically we come from different backgrounds, and it gives a nice contrast in how we relate to the pendulums.

The artistic duo Per and Iréne Moneeo talks about their roles as musicians, composers and creators within our research lab sessions. Per even manages to sum up his years of building the tech solutions in a couple of sentences, making it sound like it was done in a coffee break. Even just looking back at all the problem solving we’ve gone through to find the set up we now have is making me sweat. I’m so glad we didn’t know how complex things would get before we got started!