The best show of the year!

Johan Wellton’s most recent production Varieté Royale has been awarded “The best show of the year” by

“The premiere audience at he irresistebly beautiful Gävle teater was at times close to vaporized from laughter and dazzlement”

“The fear that a Variety in Johan Wellton’s direction would only mean new circus and a few jokes is immediately out of question.”
– AB

“Johan Wellton, John Houdi, Jan Unestam, Marilen Ribot och Henna Kaikula all has top quality. And when Wellton juggles 7 balls standing, sitting, while blindfolded and finally juggles into his suitcase. Well yes, that’s when the artistry reaches absolute world class and the highest of qualities”
– GD

The success is a fact with box office record and standing ovations. We thank Gävle, Malmö & Stockholm for a great time!