Time to go to work!

till_jobbet_IMG_6711_1024The surgery went well! After 7 months of rest, rehab and training (…and a bit of kitesurfing) the wrist is healed and restored in a better shape than in a very long time. The Social insurance people were the first to proclaim the wrist to be ready for show and now, a few months and a lot of rehab later the doctor and physio therapist is ready to agree. The calendar is basically empty and we’re ready to start filling it up – Time to fly, crash and burn?!

A big thank you for all the fantastic support during the operation and rehab! Especially to Dr. Elisabet Hagert and her team at Hand & Foot Surgery center and to Helena Ewertz på Andromeda Fysikklinik for all her amazing work during the rehab. A big thanks also to Euroaccident (Sweden’s best and nicest insurance company?!) – without your full support this would not have been possible.

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