After more than a year of an industry in total free fall the first signs of hope for the future is beginning to pop up. Who ever thought that all types of events in all countries could disappear over night at the same time… and for such a long period! It almost feels unreal to go through the different offers for coming events and shows that are starting to fill the inbox.

Now the calendar is coming out of the drawer and the planning mode is ON. Give us a shout if you are also on the move and want to make plans together. The office has officially reopened!

Photo: Backstage during the rigging of GLITCH at Noorderzon international Theaterfestival in The Netherlands.

Photo from GLITCH on album cover!

Have been listening on repeat since Lukas sent me these tracks asking if he could use the photo from GLITCH on his debut album. The answer is a big YESS of course, sooo happy and proud to be on the cover: the whole album is just mindblowingly good!

Even if we never met before the work feels really related, the story of GLITCH and the feel of the album fits like a glove somehow. And it just keeps growing on me! Built half a house with it blasting in my headphones last year, washing everything else away. Time really stopped existing and my universe expanded a little bit. It is amazing how good art, music, theatre and film etc has the power to completely change it all for the better.

Today the album finally released officially on Spotify. Turn your volume UP and go walk, run or build a house!

..and thank you Lukas Streich for putting out some incredible sound and for including me in your world, and thank you once again Einar Kling-Odencrants for one of many great shots!

Hello 2020!

2019 ended with a big December tour: 60 solds out shows in France and Germany with all together 120 000 spectatators in the audience. As icing on the cake a big combined show and concert with the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester’s 100 musicians was performed on New year’s eve. Plans for 2020 are now staring to form and we are ready for new adventures!

Both the smaller show UNPLUGGED (that fits in almost anywhere wink wink) and the bigger performance GLITCH are in the starting blocks and the calendar is still semi open with good room for more bookings. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want us to come your way!

We wish you all a great new year!

Warm regards, Johan and Co


Silver in France!

Johan just got home from one of the world’s biggest Circus festivals with yet another Silver trophy in his bags. 3 000 people in the audience and standing ovations every show for this crazy chicken!

…a good reason to dust off the other door stops and take a “family photo”. Guess what is a prize, and what is just some old flea market find. First with the right answer wins a grater…. we mean your own trophy!

(Among other) in the picture:
Bronze in Chimelong Zhuhai, kina
Silver from Budapest, Ungern
A golden uncle from Moscow. Or should that be gold-like?
Silver in Grenoble
1 piece of golden boy

Worth a big celebration of course, but that will have to happen next year – the next tour starts now. Stay tuned!

GLITCH to play in Sweden

GLITCH will play in Täby at Tibble teater on the 12th and 13th of October 2019. Don’t miss the only chance of the year to experience the performance on its home ground!

NB: GLITCH will be performed in Swedish.

Tibble teater, Täby (Sweden, Stockholm)
Saturday October 12, 7.00 PM
Sunday October 13, 4 PM

More info:


Photo: Anthony Hill