New video trailer of UNPLUGGED

We have made a new video trailer of the show UNPLUGGED.

The show has played in over 40 countries, to an audience of more than 1 million people all together. Although it has a strong core it is very free and adaptable. That is why it is a show that works practically anywhere and with any kind of audience regardless of language, age and circumstance. It grows together with the spectators and becomes an experience that revolves around that connection… and to have fun together!

“Then like now, with a fantastic ability to adapt to both situation and circumstance. To keep an audience hypnotized for 60 minutes with the only means of some clubs, little balls and confetti requires its man. A simple concept allows the artist to lean back and trust his own ability and in Wellton’s case it is remarkable – some of his juggling acts seem to dissolve the laws of physics. Between raving roars many in the audience is laughing themselves short of breath. Here is an experience that gives more than 10 sessions of therapy.”
– Lasse Stenman, Haparandabladet

Thank you Eos Karlsson for the making of the video!

© Johan Wellton – all rights reserved.

Hello 2022!

Finally the restrictions are lifted here in Sweden… again! 😅 It’s been quite stormy in the booking calendar lately to say the least – A tour to Japan is unfortunately cancelled, other things have been moved/put on pause. One of the more exciting news is that a handful of theatres and concert halls in New Zeeland wants to book GLITCH this Autumn – if we can only figure out how to ship everything without breaking the bank now that the shipping costs have sky rocketed during the pandemic. Like always we are optimistic that we’ll find a way. To be continued!

It looks like a pretty serious tour with the show UNPLUGGED is taking shape for this Summer, both in Sweden and around Europe. Among others there are 70 performances in Germany booked only in July! A contract for a tour in Holland towards the end of the year is also signed. Updates about when and where is coming when the world has settled down a bit. There are still good room for more bookings of course; just send us an e-mail on for more info and contact.

For those of you living in Stockholm or nearby: The next show is coming up very soon at Vallentuna teater on February 12th (Saturday next weekend). Would be wonderful to see you there!


Thank you Germany!

Just came home after 31 shows in Germany. Despite it looked like we had to cancel we managed to play all the shows even though it had to be done under strong limitations and restrictions.

A huge thank you to Thomas, Maike and Marie Schütte who dared to go on with the production against all odds, and big thanks also to Sandor Donnert & crew for a fantastic execution of the show with highly professional light, sound and all the preparations etc!

See more photos here:

looking forward to see you again!

Here we go 🚀

After a 1,5 year long abrupt halt for shows worldwide the first couple of performances have finally been booked – UNPLUGGED is going to play in Täby (Sweden) November 13 & 14. So good to see that also theatres are considered safe to visit again! 😃

Click here for more info and tickets:


After more than a year of an industry in total free fall the first signs of hope for the future is beginning to pop up. Who ever thought that all types of events in all countries could disappear over night at the same time… and for such a long period! It almost feels unreal to go through the different offers for coming events and shows that are starting to fill the inbox.

Now the calendar is coming out of the drawer and the planning mode is ON. Give us a shout if you are also on the move and want to make plans together. The office has officially reopened!

Photo: Backstage during the rigging of GLITCH at Noorderzon international Theaterfestival in The Netherlands.