Hello again Switzerland!

Same place, only 5 years later: Johan has been invited back to one of Switzerland’s biggest christmas shows SALTO NATALE to perform his original act BOUNCE for another season. In total 58 performances and close to 58 000 spectators during a period of just above a month.

Last time there was an amazing atmosphere all the way through, with great audiences and standing ovations almost every night. It looks like this year will be just as good.

The show runs until New year’s eve, premiering on November 15th.

René Tanner
Zuo Kun

Thank you Sweden! (And Denmark!)

The touring with UNPLUGGED is over for now. So many fantastic gigs in so many different places – with everything between big theatres and small barns. At the least 2 persons in the audience and at the most 1 300 persons. It might sound like a lie but it has been just as fun every single time – all the places in their own special way!

A big thank you to all the audiences, technicians, organizers and others involved for your help to make these wonderful performances happen. Without you it would all have been pretty meaningless!

It looks like UNPLUGGED will tour again next year, there are already a bunch of new dates confirmed and more is on the way, both to Spring and Autumn 2019. Get in touch if you want to be part of it. The adventure continues!

Here are a few reviews and comments from the audience:

“Thank you for a wonderful performance. I almost felt like I was being brought back to the breathtaking theatre experiences of the childhood. Many times I wasn’t breathing at all, sometimes I was laughing out loud and sometimes I wanted to help you by screaming watch out! Overwhelmed to say the least.”
– Christina Friström, arrangör Örkelljunga

“Saw Johan in Sundsvall this weekend! So goddamn funny stage charachter! Haven’t laughed this much for 4-5 years!”
– Bobbo Jäderfeldt

“You made such a success at Haparandas square and we are sooo proud to have had you all the way up North to us!”
– Kristin Tossavainen

“What a show you gave us inUmeå. Charming, with a striking message and an awesome ball control. I think that art and especially art through theatre/meeting/dialouge/show is really something. Not everyone have your capability to present it in such a relaxed, effortless way that is still affecting. You really succeed in this. To contribute to laughter, contemplation and awaken curiosity and emotions of others is an art in itself. A mixture of humor, seriousness and skill – charmingly packaged! You really sucked in catching the audience on all levels. A really successful performance.
– Ulrika Rigel

“Hello Johan! I just saw your show in Sundsvall. An amazingly great show! I wanted to say hi after but didn’t dare to. I am a juggler and have been juggling since 10 years. When I started 2008 you were (and still are) one of my biggest inspirations. The juggling has shaped my life in a really positive way and I have had the chance to meet so many great people and visit unexpected places. I just want to say thank you for being inspiring and for doing what you do. I hope I will dare to say hi next time.”
– Filip borglund

“Then like now, with a fantastic ability to adapt to both situation and circumstance. To keep an audience hypnotized for 60 minutes with the only means of some clubs, little balls and confetti requires its man. A simple concept allows the artist to lean back and trust his own ability and in Wellton’s case it is remarkable – some of his juggling acts seem to dissolve the laws of physics. Between raving roars many in the audience is laughing themselves short of breath. Here is an experience that gives more than 10 sessions of therapy.”
– Lasse Stenman, Haparandabladet

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Alberte Radoor
Henrik Klingberg
Stefan Haapaniemi
Karsten Piper
Johan Wellton


The tour is growing!

This year’s touring with UNPLUGGED (and also with GLITCH and BOUNCE) keeps growing every day.A real fun mix of everything between barns and concert halls. Come see! (Dates in Sweden and Denmark only so far).

5 april: Mönsterås
21 april: Ingelsträde
28 april: Uppsala
30 april: Umeå
26 maj: Växjö
2 juni: Hofors
5 juli: Hofors
6 juli: Tomnäs (Borlänge)
8 juli: Grästorp
19 juli: Karlshamn
20 juli: Haparanda
27 juli: Walldorf, Tyskland (BOUNCE)
2 augusti: Helsingör
3 augusti: Halmstad
4 augusti: Halmstad
6 augusti: Lund
8 augusti: Malmö
9 augusti: Fårhult (Västervik)
11 augusti: Dala-Floda
18 augusti: Gävle
28 augusti: Groningen, Holland (GLITCH)
29 augusti: Groningen, Holland (GLITCH)
30 augusti: Groningen, Holland (GLITCH)
31 augusti: Groningen, Holland (GLITCH)
1 september: Aarhus, Danmark (BOUNCE)
2 september: Aarhus, Danmark (BOUNCE)
3 september: Aarhus, Danmark (BOUNCE)
4 september: Aarhus, Danmark (BOUNCE)
5 september: Aarhus, Danmark (BOUNCE)
6 september: Aarhus, Danmark (BOUNCE)
7 september: Aarhus, Danmark (BOUNCE)
8 september: Aarhus, Danmark (BOUNCE)
11 september: Kalmar
12 september: Oskarshamn
6 oktober: Karlshamn, Lokstallarna
18 oktober: Umeå
20 oktober: Sundsvall
23 oktober: Kristianstad
27 oktober: Örkelljunga
28 oktober: Tingsryd
29 oktober: Tingsryd
31 oktober: Nordmaling
14 november – 31 december: Zürich, Schweiz (BOUNCE)

More info and shows will be added – Stay tuned!

Contact us at info@johanwellton.com to book a show, for more info etc.

GLITCH is going to the Netherlands

This little big beast is finally about to be let out of its cage again. End of August we will be going of tour to the Netherlands to play four performances of GLITCH at the Noorderzon performing arts festival in Groningen.

“It is totally sensational, mind blowing, and somehow, also really disturbing.”
“Johan Wellton takes all the yellow balls, axes and light bulbs to completely new levels.”
“If you wish to see something you have never seen before, this is your chance. I have never seen anything like it” 
– Expressen

“Spellbinding chaos in Wellton’s wild show”
– Hallandsposten

”Touching ball trickery”
”It is very strong and beautiful”
– Gefle Dagblad

Read more here: https://www.noorderzon.nl/programma/programma-items/johan-wellton

Where to next?

It’s like a kaleidoscope somehow, constantly changing. And it is bigger than I thought at first. Some things have a life of their own even though they are just things. Like dreams, I guess. It’s hard to tell if they lead us or if they are the ones following like a shadow. It’s a dance perhaps. Life is holding hands with death. Sometimes impossible to separate them, to distinguish where one begins and the other ends. This is where the violin starts to play.

”The sound of a train rolling by together with the lit windows passing by. The windows counts the milliseconds and the wheels against the edges of the track sounds out the seconds. The passing of the train is releasing like a summer rain. It wakes you up from a bad dream, shakes you up. Your breathing jump starts.

The heart meter besides your hospital bed counts the most precious time you have, your pulse your life pumping through your veins. Are the beats inside slower than the one’s of the clock? Or is just that you’re waiting for the next one to come, the anticipation slowing you down? Are seconds made up from the pacing of our heart? “What time is it?” was his last question and in a way also his first.”

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