GLITCH on new tour 2020

We just received a bunch of nice photos from when we played GLITCH in Holland earlier this year. What a sweet reminder of a fantastic tour! Tickets sold out more than one month before we even arrived. Over 2000 tickets, in only 4 days. Standing ovations every night! An incredible experience after all of the challenges we had on the road this to get there. The feeling of GLITCH was stronger now, somehow as if the performance had grown on it’s own since we played it last. The story, the rythm, Everything. Such a nice ride, felt almost like watching it go by itself!

We got a couple of interesting offers to tour again. (Among others; a 25 theatre long tour door to door… Wow!) Like always we were asked if we can rig the show in only one day and perform it the same night. After some discussions around the drawing board we decided to say yes. If that is what it takes to let this beast fly for real, we’ll make it happen. We finally have an idea about how to make it possible – comical it took us 4 years to figure out..! So it’s back to the lab again during 2019, then a new tour forming for 2020. Holland, Belgium…what more? Bring it on!
Thank you som much Per Moneeo, Marcus Björn and Anthony Cooks for your amazing work on tour! …And thank you Stephen Rappaport for having put your energy and mastermind into the project over all of these years. Without you it would simply not exist in the way it does!

Thank you also Mark Yeoman and the great crew at Noorderzon performing arts festival for letting us unleash our monster in your beautiful tent!

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Niels Cornelis Meijer (Knelis –
Mark Vletter